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Our Paschal (Easter) Vigil proclamation of the resurrection was preached for us by the Revd Dr Joel Sierra, pastor of the Jireh Baptist Community in Monterrey, México. This was our first time, taking advantage of the opportunities of online worship, of having a visiting preacher with us live from the other side of the world.

We don’t have a written version of this fine sermon, but you can watch it or listen to it.

As well as being a truly outstanding pastor and an excellent scholar, Joel is also a wonderful musician and songwriter, and many of his songs and hymns are quite famous among Latin American churches. In the video below, he sings one of his hits, “No tengas miedo” (Don’t be afraid), a song which will be speaking to a lot of people in the present crisis. Both the song and the short bit where he introduces the song are in Spanish, but even if you don’t understand the language, it is such a great bit of music, you will probably enjoy it anyway.

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  1. I am in lockdown in rural lockdown. I was looking for an on line service that was meaningful. Many presentations seemed in denial that in some way we are stuck on a cross. Your speaker spoke and acknowledged some of my thoughts thank you
    Rev Mark Blackwell

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