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Church Activity Planning and Risk Assessment

All activities organised for the South Yarra Baptist Community Church (or groups within it) have to abide by our Safe Church policy.

When you organise an event that is an open invitation to the congregation, please consider the following details and submit this form (it will go to the Host Group) at least 1 week before your event.

    It is probably easiest to fill in all your details below, but if you would prefer to complete this form on paper and send it to us, you can download a printable version by clicking here.

    If the activity is taking place online, are you using the church Zoom account?
    YesNo (please specify what platform you are using below)It's not taking place online

    If children are attending, will they be supervised by a parent or guardian for the whole event, including transport to and from?
    YesNoThere won't be children involved

    Is the activity open to those whose Covid vaccination status is unknown, or only open to those who are fully vaccinated or exempt (including children under 5)?
    It's open to anyone, no matter what their Covid vaccination statusIt's open to those who are fully vaccinated or exempt onlyIt's taking place online only, so it doesn't matter

    Have attendees been informed of anything they should be aware of eg. weather, food, Covid-safe requirements, other hazards?
    YesNoNot applicable

    Have you considered whether this event is suitable for and as inclusive as possible of the range of circumstances of our congregation members? Consider age, ability, language, financial access, health, cultural background, transport.
    YesNoNot applicable