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  1. Thank you for showing me how we are all many parts – and that how Gods love reach out and embraces all of them

  2. Vincent Michael Hodge

    Karen, many ideas but at same time a dominant theme…not to lose heart when we confront our ambivalences…our ability to be totally disabled by our inconsistent behaviours. Peter is both a rock and a stumbling block – he is both the Head and a block head! Thanks

  3. Vincent Michael Hodge

    Karen, I have just re-visited your sermon in the light of the upcoming referendum. Your sermon was an ocean wave – sometimes crashing over us with so many images but at other times like the soothing softness of the wave near the beach. Reminding us of our propensity for conflicting and contradictory behaviours – manifesting the good and the wanting – but all the time being looked upon by the Spirit. Your story is about being forward looking – straining forward – being pulled by Revelation as we do battle with who we are in this moment, a moment that is trying to restrain us to the status quo of self sufficiency. You have given us plenty of Good news and baad news but your overall message is to keep the focus upon the Good – much like the old saying ” charity covers a multitude of sins”. This is the Christian Way – sin and its consequences are confronted not simply by guilt and fear and penance – but by Conversion and blossoming into a new flower – a Christian does not ignore the Past but believes that the there is a future that can heal rather than simply a healing rooted in a balancing of past books of account – a future that a balancing far more abundant than anything we could conceive of by ourselves. hence this gospel that you sermonise to us is about a victory controversial in its appearance and in its promise – but a victory that following Christ will vindicate. I think that the Referendum is a challenge to revert to the past in simple terms or it is a call to a future of conversion. Let’s hope it is taken as the latter.

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