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Visiting Pastoral Overseers

The church recognises that its pastors are entrusted with the primary responsibility for the spiritual leadership and pastoral oversight, but that there are many situations in which the wisdom and experience of people from outside the congregation may prove invaluable. For this reason we have appointed some people from outside our church who are recognised for their pastoral wisdom and experience, to serve among us as Visiting Pastoral Overseers. This role has two parts. Firstly: to provide a point of contact for the congregation with regard to matters they feel uncomfortable raising with either the Pastor or a member of the Host Group. Secondly: to provide a point of reference, advice and guidance for the Pastor should the need arise.

Through them we link ourselves more strongly with the wider church and submit ourselves to the scrutiny and wisdom of others.

The Visiting Pastoral Overseers aim to come and share in worship and a meal with us several times a year. They are available to all regular congregational participants to talk about issues or concerns to do with the life and direction of the church (particularly in situations where someone feels that they can’t talk with a pastor or the Host Group about their concerns).

We also keep them up to date with what is being discussed at church meetings and any important questions we are wrestling with and invite them to give us whatever advice, comments or suggestions they consider appropriate.