An Open Table where Love knows no borders

We believe that ministry is the work of the whole congregation in their whole lives. Every Christian is called by God to develop and utilise their gifts and abilities in furthering God’s work of healing and renewing the world. We are God’s people all the time, and we are constantly in a position to act for love, mercy, justice and hospitality in the places we live and move. That’s ministry!

But people play different roles within that ministry, and some roles involve a greater degree of leadership. Much of the regular governance and leadership of our congregation is exercised and overseen by the Host Group, which consists of the pastors and those members of the congregation who are willing and able to covenant together to meet regularly for the purpose of managing the day to day business of running our church.

Pastors are people whom the church believes to have been called and gifted by the Lord of the Church to exercise a ministry of spiritual leadership and pastoral oversight of the congregation and its life, prayer and ministry.

Both these groups make themselves voluntarily accountable to our Visiting Pastoral Overseers, who are people from outside our church who are recognised for their pastoral wisdom and experience and who help ensure that we remain aware of the perspectives of the wider church as we seek to discern God’s leading for our common life.