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Nathan Nettleton

Nathan Nettleton grew up in the suburbs and attended one of Melbourne’s most prestigious private schools and a nice local church. This naturally led on to dropping out of University, being kicked out of Bible College, becoming a truck driver, crashing a motorbike, and having a failed marriage. After such an idyllic preparation for Christian ministry, he began working in a mission among the street people of St Kilda in 1990, and took a second shot at a theological education. He continued his work at the “House of Hope” for nearly five years before becoming pastor of this church in May 1994.

He was ordained as a Baptist minister in 1994 and completed an honours degree in theology at Whitley College in 1995. He later undertook a Master of Theology degree in Liturgical Studies from Melbourne’s University of Divinity , completing it in 2001.

Nathan is employed part time here (0.8EFT). He writes for and manages the Laughing Bird Liturgical Resources website.

Nathan is married to Margaret Welsford, and they have an adult daughter named Acacia and two dogs, Delta & Riff. His other interests include dog training (obedience and tracking), cross-country skiing, craft-brewed beers, and trying to communicate in languages other than English (he can hold a conversation in Spanish, attempt a conversation in French, and has a bit of beginner level Chinese).