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A Question For Your Tears

A sermon on John 20:11-18 by the Revd Dr Edward L Taylor
for the Great Paschal Vigil, 3 April 2021.
Dr Taylor is the Teaching Pastor of the Crosswalk Community Baptist Church 
in Sunnyvale, California, USA
and a member of the Baptist World Alliance’s Study Commission on Worship & Spirituality
A video recording of the whole service, including this sermon, is available here.


  1. Dr Taylor, thank you so much for your message, especially during a time of grieving and in the season of Holy Week. I loved your focus on all the complicated emotions contained in tears, and what they might mean as we consider Jesus’s death and resurrection, and the deaths and resurrections of our own lives.

  2. Thank you Dr Taylor. I loved hearing you tell this story. Sharing from your own time of grief really gave your message of hope particular meaning. One gift for me personally was the reminder of hope in my own grief for the loss of my grandmother, she died several years ago but I was not able to grieve at the time. Your sermon really touched me in my grief. Thank you for blessing us with your presence at our vigil service.

  3. Thank you for sharing with us the question for “your tears” – that in the midst of your own grief you
    took time to question our grief and tears and to comfort us with what had comforted you. May we all hear the risen Lord call us by our name.

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