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  1. What a great sermon! Thank you, Fr Luke. The way you joined the dots between the story of the Magi visiting the infant Jesus, generations of later Christians making pilgrimages, and the ways that the worship and spiritual practices of our churches have had to adapt to the weird constraints of the COVID pandemic was truly inspired. I wish I’d thought of it! And I really liked where you ended too, with your acknowledgment of the importance of the differences between our various traditions, but the call to not let those differences diminish our willingness to support and encourage one another in the journeys we share through these challenging times. Many thanks.

  2. As so often at our ecumenical services we have excellent sermons – and we have received another tonight. The joining of the OT references, with the Wisemen’s journey and current day pilgrimages was great and the offering by the wisemen of all that they are not just their gifts, lifted the story to new places
    Places that our differences remain important but that the things that divide are not as important as the things that we have in common – and following “that star” will bring as all to the Christ.

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