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House Blessing at the Manse

1 December 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm
SYCBaps Manse
18 Surrey Road
South Yarra 3141
House Blessing at the Manse @ SYCBaps Manse

Our Manse (church house) is now looking great and is ready to accept its first tenants through Launch Housing’s Accommodation Options for Families program. Before it does, we would like to invite everyone in the congregation and all the people who have donated stuff to help furnish it to a house blessing and party in the house . That way we can thank everyone properly and they can see their stuff in its new home and feel more connected with what we are doing there. We are also inviting staff from HomeGround/Launch Housing who will be administering the tenancy program.

The plan for the event is as follows:

2:00pm Gathering time, during which people can have a drink and poke around to see what has been done and where their furniture ended up
2:30pm A room-by-room house blessing ritual and thank yous
3:00pm Party time with conversation, finger foods and wine, beer, coffee etc
4:00 – 4:30 Winding up in time for our usual worship service at 5:00 (guests will of course be welcome to stay for that).

If you can’t be there for all of it, come for whatever you can.


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