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Why I won’t vote my values

Scott Higgins of Baptist World Aid offers some really good guidance on how Christians might think more broadly about their voting intentions rather than just get hung up on the latest hot potato issues that dominate the “Christian values” discussions. He suggests that voting intentions are usually shaped by one or another of tradition, self-interest, moral values, and justice. He argues that our approach should take into account a consideration of the proper role of government and concludes that perhaps sometimes the followers of Jesus need to vote against at least some of their values.

Read the full article here. It’s not very long.

In a couple of short follow-up articles, Scott asks Can a Christian Vote for those “Godless Greens?

and then sets out some good reasons Why Same Sex Marriage is Not the Issue, pointing out that even if you personally oppose same-sex marriage, the church’s opposition to it has been a strategic blunder of the worst kind, when the real threat to marriage is the acceptance of serial monogamy and the rise of a narcissism that prioritises the pursuit of personal satisfaction over one’s obligations to others.


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