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Glennys’s Testimony

Glennys was welcomed into the membership of our church, by reaffirmation of her baptismal vows, during the Paschal Vigil. This is the text of the testimony that she shared.

I was bought up in a Christian home where I was taught of God’s love for me, and that  God wanted me to love and follow Him. I was Baptised when I was 15 years of age,and there I promised to follow where ever God wanted to lead me. I have been led into some really wonderful experiences, and some not so enjoyable ones, especially as I learned more about myself, and the world around me. My image of God has expanded, until I no longer have an image, but accept that God is Mystery, and we can see Gods presence everywhere, especially in other people. My relationship with God deepened as I got to know myself, and the world around me. I was challenged to search out where I wanted to be, and where God was leading me, and where I could best be used.

I learned about a little church in the US, The Church of the Saviour, and was privileged to be able to go over and join that community for 12 years. This little church was non denominational, and was based on what they called the Inward and Outward journeys combined. I grew to love this way of church. We met in groups, of those who felt called to the same mission and discussed, planned, and conducted our mission together, and held each other accountable to our mission and to our personal Spiritual journey. We were encouraged and fed in silence, prayer and meditation and accountability.

When it came time for me to decide – do I stay in the US or go home to Australia? I prayed long and hard, and eventually I heard a voice (not an audible one), but in my heart saying, “Glennys I can use you here and I can use you in Australia- You choose”. That for me was the hardest choice I have ever had to make, – It Was My Choice.

I came home to Australia, and after many years I was drawn to the SYCBC, because of the friendliness and warmth shown here, I loved the worshipful atmosphere and the encouragement to be silent and listen to what God is saying to us personally, being encouraged in silence and prayer. So after much Prayer and some discussions around, I decided to become a member of this community.

Thank you all – and I pray God will continue to guide and be with us all in our journey together.


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