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Francisca’s Testimony

Francisca was welcomed into the membership of our church, by reaffirmation of her baptismal vows, during the Paschal Vigil. This is the text of the testimony that she shared.

If I have to define my relation with Jesus, I can say it is like a friendship that has been present during my whole life. Thanks to my family, which is very religious, and particularly to my grandmother, I have been close to Jesus since I was a baby. I started learning about Jesus’ life and love for us since I was very young. I have also been a member of the church for a long time. For instance, I was baptized when I was 3 months old—of course I cannot remember exactly how it was—however, since that time and due to the education I was given at the Catholic School I attended, I became aware of Jesus’ mission and commitment. After a couple of years, I made my First Communion and continue feeling Jesus as a friend. Years later, I decided to prepare for Confirmation and became an active member of the Church.

Later, the priest of the parish I attended asked me whether I wanted to help prepare children for their First Communion. I happily accepted and became what we call in Chile “a monitor”. Therefore, I could say that I have a special relationship with God. Of course there were times in which things were not easy; when I was a teenager, I used to blame God for my problems; likewise, my school friends laughed at me because I attended church; until recently, I was a laughing stock of my workmates because I was a Christian. Nevertheless, at the moment I am very happy; even when I am far away from my beloved country, my family and my comfort zone, I have been given the chance to become a member of a church. Thanks a lot for your invitation, this makes me feel at home and gives me the chance to keep on learning about our Lord’s will and plans.


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