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Singing Practice

At SYCBaps we sing a lot. As well as the songs and hymns that change every week, there are numerous short sung refrains that are part of the liturgy every week. Some of these are used for all (or most) of the year. Others use different tunes at different times of the year. This can be a challenge if you’ve just joined the church and begun to get used to the tunes, and suddenly one week, half of them change! So these pages are designed to help you learn the tunes, or relearn them as an annual change approaches.

Go to Music that is used for all or most of the year
Go to Music that is used during Ordinary Time (the green season)
Go to Music that is used during Advent and Christmas
Go to Music that is used during Lent
Go to Music that is used during Pascha (Easter) and Pentecost