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Eunuchs, Divorcees, and the Kingdom of God that Jesus Preached: Re-ordered Lives, Re-ordered Communities

A sermon on Matthew 19:1-12 by Lina Toth (Andronoviene)
(Our church is departing from the Revised Common Lectionary for one year to hear mostly readings that are not included in it)
A video recording of the whole service, including this sermon, is available here.

The Revd Dr Lina Toth (Andronoviene), originally from Lithuania, is the Assistant Principal of the Scottish Baptist College in Glasgow and Chair of the Baptist World Alliance Study Commission on Worship and Spirituality


  1. Thanks Lina for your reflections this week. One comment you made, that Jesus may have taken the derogatory usage of the title of eunuch (which may have been aimed at him), and reframed it to become a positive example of those who can contribute freely to the kingdom of God. It reminded me of the movie ‘Pride’ where they take a slur and turn it into a fundraiser 🙂

  2. Hi Lina,
    Thank you for your sermon. I found it very stimulating and then read the rest of the chapter and the following chapter to put it in context. I found that this section is located in the middle of a very challenging seres of teachings. Ones that upend so many of our preconceived notions as to how things should be. It made me wonder if Catholic priests proudly categorise themselves as eunuchs or whether they would baulk at the title?

  3. Thank you for your insights. This opened discussions and questions in the group after service and i have not been asked those questions before as a single person. A single person all your life – you learn to live with them but for those who become single for what ever reason it must be very difficult. Thank you for giving permission to speak of these things and for having the courage to raise them.

  4. Thanks Lina for helping us to hear the teaching of Jesus, which is always ‘good news’ for the oppressed, abused and downtrodden. After growing up with a more severe and rule giving god, it is exciting for me to hear these teachings/stories in context and hear the good news from a loving Jesus. Your explanation and interpretation made so much sense. Thank you.

  5. Many Thanks Lina, for yet again stimulating my thinking. So appreciated your taking time, so early in the day for you to speak and give to us so generously.

  6. Dear lovely SYCBC people – thank you so much for these comments! It’s been a joy to be with you, and to look at this piece of ‘good news’ from a passage that is not necessarily associated with good news… Hopefully this helps us keep realigning our attitudes towards, and practice of, singleness and marriage, so that they reflect what we find in the gospel of Jesus. Blessings to you all – Lina

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