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Contemplative Spiritual Warfare

A sermon on Matthew 7:1-6 by Pastor Jarrod McKenna
(Our church is departing from the Revised Common Lectionary for one year to hear mostly readings that are not included in it)

Tonight we were privileged to have as our visiting preacher, Pastor Jarrod McKenna, joining us from his home in Perth, Western Australia. Jarrod is one of those all-too-rare creatures, a Pentecostal pastor and preacher who has held tight to Pentecostalism’s origins as a liberation movement among the poor and downtrodden. Jarrod is well known as a social activist, non-violent protest trainer, and as one of the founders of the #LoveMakesAWay movement. He used to be well known for his dreadlocks too, but they are gone!

There is no written version of the sermon available, but you can listen to the audio or watch the video.

It is also possible to watch the video of the whole service here, including the sermon.


  1. Big thanks for being with us and sharing your insights with us in this sermon, Jarrod. Despite the uncomfortable time constraints we imposed on you, you gave of yourself generously, and opened our eyes to the challenging task of overcoming our cultural blindness and standing up to the powers which are so familiar as to be almost invisible, and which yet seduce and coerce us into giving them the loyalty that belongs only to God. You managed to be both encouraging and provocative, and left us with lots to think about and lots to prayerfully engage with.

  2. Jarrod – thank you for giving your time and your energy to share the Word with us last Sunday. The concepts of “dog domination” and “pig power” were new to me – but the passionate way in which you explained them made sense to me.

    I particularly enjoyed your landing – closing prayer – “… remove from us what blinds us so that we can be of service…”

    Thank you for your challenge to me/us.

  3. I still remember the first time I heard Rev G. Bingham preach on “Love and the cross” over 50 years ago now – he did not preach using the contemporary evangelical words we were familiar with but couched the eternal truths in ways and words that were new – and at that time beyond our understanding. Some where in that talk he said – “Do you understand ?- I can see you don’t” and latter the same question – “Do you understand? – I think you must” As you spoke I could hear these questions I did not understand but I knew must.. So i have re – listened to your sermon several times.
    During the current lockdown I choose a different hymn each day to sing and reflect on it. I am going through the hymn book – todays hymn is ” I thank you Lord that you have shown and I begin to see” Thank you for your struggle with the Word that we too might begin to see. Sylvia

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