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Connections and Relationships

A sermon on Genesis 2:4b–22 & Psalm 139:13–16 by Grant Paulson
(Our church is departing from the Revised Common Lectionary for one year to hear mostly readings that are not included in it)

Tonight we were privileged to have as our visiting preacher, Grant Paulson, joining us from his home in Queensland. Grant is a Birri-Gubba/Bundjalung man from southern Queensland who works as a Faith and Development Advisor for World Vision Australia. He is working toward a PhD exploring the importance of Aboriginal spirituality and social change. His father, Uncle Graham Paulson, was the first Indigenous pastor to be ordained by the Baptists in Australia.

There is no written version of the sermon available, but you can listen to the audio or watch the video.

It is also possible to watch the video of the whole service here, including the sermon.


  1. Many thanks for being with us and for sharing this memorable and enlightening sermon with us, Grant. You shed light on some really helpful connections between Aboriginal spirituality and the gospel message that calls us to healthy relationships with God, land, self, and others. Really solid encouraging stuff. Thanks so much

  2. Thanks Grant, it was so good to see you again! Appreciate your warmth and humour and the way you made connections for us between this story in Genesis and healing relationships that we so desparately need.

  3. This is the second verse of a song based on Jacob’s words “God was in this place but I never knew.” The following words are the second verse
    Paintings seen on the rock face,
    footprints left in the sand,
    campfire next to the river,
    songs that rise from the land:
    signs that seem so elusive,
    shadows just out of view.
    You were in this place —
    but we never knew
    This song always makes me cry but today you opened to me some of the”elusive signs” and the “out of view shadows”. You couched the wisdom and knowledge of your people in the words of the Scriptures so I can say with another hymn – “I thank you Lord that you have shown, and I begin to see” Thank you.

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