Seeking and Sharing the Fullness of Life

The South Yarra Community Baptist Church has, over the past two decades, developed a style of worship which is rarely encountered among Baptist churches, but which is carefully informed by study of the early church and of the teachings of the early Baptists. Sometimes known as ancient-future worship, it is a feast for the senses and more importantly for the deep spiritual hungers of urban Australians in an uncertain new millennium.

Ancient Wisdom for Tomorrow’s Worship is a one day workshop offered by the Church to share the rich fruits of their unique worship adventures with curious seekers and the wider Church. 

Through experience, reflection and discussion, participants will learn how the worship wisdom of the ancient church can renew and enrich the worship life of Christians in 21st century Australia. 

Since it is likely that many participants will have commitments in their own churches on the Sunday morning, the workshop will commence at 12:30 pm with registration, welcomes, and lunch. It will conclude around 8:00pm after sharing a generous evening meal. 

The afternoon will rotate between three activities:

  • exploring the structure, texts, action and theology of a worship service that weaves ancient structures and practices with contemporary language and concerns;
  • discussions about the relationship between ancient liturgical practice, free-church convictions, and the emerging culture;
  • singing, to make sure we don’t get talked- out and to prepare for the evening session. 

The climax of the workshop will be participation in a full celebration of the Lord’s Word and Table with the congregation, enabling participants to experience how what they have learned all fits together. The day will then end with the evening meal. 

Cost: $40 full or $20 concession
or bring a friend/partner/spouse and pay just $60 full or $30 concession for the two of you.
Please just bring your money and pay on the day (it saves us having to arrange refunds if people register after the workshop has booked out).

Venue: The workshop will be held at the church. Scroll to the bottom of the page for location details and map.

Registration: To register, please fill out the form below and don’t forget to hit the “submit” button. If for any reason you have difficulties using the form, please feel free to register by emailing your details to

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Lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner will be served during the workshop. Do you have any special dietary requirements we should know about:
A set of written session outlines and example material will be provided as part of the workshop. Some people like to bring a laptop or tablet computer, and so prefer to receive the notes ahead in electronic form. Please indicate how you would like to receive the notes.